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  • Group Therapy

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    Groups We Offer

    Why Group Therapy? 

    We are created for connection. It is deep within us. (Tell me if you did not not feel that within at least the first year of the covid pandemic?)

    In Group Therapy you are able to connect with others. It is an opportunity to be seen, heard, deeply felt and understood. You can experience the healing of true intimacy. Discovering that you are not alone in your struggles reduces isolation and shame and creates space for self exploration.


    Contact Malia Doss, LMFT for more information and

     to set up a pre-group consultation. [email protected]  720-605-9417 

    See if you want any of what other participants in Group Therapy have said that they experience:

    • unprecedented levels of empowerment
    • gain awareness of self and others
    • gain new perspective and insight
    • find value and meaning in supporting others in the same process
    • discover new tools and confidence in navigating the challenges of life and relationships 
    • learn to laugh as you bring to light your shared humanity
    • a very cost effective way to get support and help with whatever challenges you are facing today.

    Group Therapy is frequently the therapy of choice. Research shows it is often more effective than individual therapy

    Imagine experiencing emotional, psychological, physical and relational safety with others.

    Group Therapy creates a safe place for you to explore yourseclf with caring others. Check out what groups we offer at Authentic Connections Counseling Center located in Castle Rock, Colorado.