• Amy Heap, MA, LPC

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    Are you sick of feeling stuck or overwhelmed by life? Are you having a hard time developing and maintaining healthy relationships which in turn cause your self-worth to take a hit? Do you feel like your life is unfulfilling or unbalanced, with little to no time to take care of yourself?

    I’d love to help by journeying alongside you during this time. I provide a safe place for you to “just be you” without judgement. We will work together to discover your strengths and develop the skills you need to transform negative beliefs and move beyond feeling confused and “stuck.” We will discover your unique path forward, with better understanding and acceptance of yourself and others. I offer you this safe space filled with empathy and compassion that fosters hope, empowerment, healing and growth. My clients often describe me as “patient, kind, supportive, and extremely caring”.

    I believe it takes courage to start this process of change towards self-understanding and growth. I want you to know, YOU are important. YOU are valuable. YOU deserve to live a happy and healthy life. I believe that no matter what your struggle, there is always opportunity for a positive outcome.



    The journey into motherhood invites us to experience intense love and joy, but it also touches our most raw and vulnerable parts. It is common to experience worries of not being “good enough” or fears of losing our identity with the arrival of a new baby. With all the changes that come with motherhood, I understand how difficult it can be to take time for yourself when you feel overwhelmed and sleep deprived. But I also know that taking the time now to seek help now can lead to an increase in self-awareness that can move you beyond survival, strengthen you bond with you baby, and transform your experience of motherhood.

    I have a strong passion to journey alongside women, helping to give a compassionate and supportive voice to issues surrounding mom’s mental health. I currently offers In-office (bringing baby to sessions is always welcomed) and Telehealth sessions to help ensure that maternal mental health can be prioritized for all women. I also offer counseling for infertility, miscarriage, pregnancy loss, and Postpartum Mood and Anxiety Disorders. I strive to create a welcoming and safe space for mothers to talk, process, and heal from challenges they have faced during their journey towards and transition into motherhood. Helping women manage difficult emotions that can accompany this season of life, discover their inner resources and grow into strong, confident mothers brings deep value to me. Motherhood is one of the biggest life transitions that women experience and I want to support and help ensure that mothers THRIVE during this time!



    Amy received her Master of Arts from The University of Denver and her clinical experience has been focused on working with anxiety, depression, women’s issues, life transitions and trauma. Amy has advanced training in trauma and often utilizes EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing), an evidenced based trauma therapy. Amy is committed to helping her clients feel seen, heard, supported and cared for.

    Amy is a Colorado native and completed her Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and Legal Studies at the University of Northern Colorado. She obtained my Master’s degree in Forensic Psychology at the University of Denver. When she is not seeing clients, you can find her spending time with her family and exploring everything outdoors!


    Contact info:  [email protected]  720-370-3010 x105