• Dave Holabeck, MA

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    Life can be hard. Sure there are seasons of smooth sailing and calm waters but sometimes we can find ourselves sinking in a boat full of holes in the middle of a storm. Often, we don’t know what caused the holes, how to fix them, or how long the storm will go on. All we do know in those places is that we are going down. It is in times like these where we need not be alone, we need a fellow journeyer, a listening ear, a helping hand, a creative solution. This is why I love counseling.

    I am passionate about coming alongside individuals and marriages to locate the holes, to understand what caused them, to repair and prevent them in the future.

    I am also passionate about connecting the dots in order to help you gain understanding. Do you ever wonder why you snap at your spouse over something small? Have you ever thought to yourself, “Wow. That reaction was a bit strong?” I deeply desire to help people make the connection between those strong reactions and their source. Often, we know we want to stop certain behaviors but aren’t sure when or why they began in the first place. Making these connections allows for true freedom…. and seeing freedom in another soul is the goal. I’d love to offer you an listening ear and be a fellow journeyer with you.



    Dave received his Masters Degree in Intercultural Studies at Grace Seminary in Winona Lake, IN and is practicing counseling as an unlicensed psychotherapist. After spending several years in SE Asia, he moved to Colorado and completed the School of Spiritual Direction led by Sustainable Faith, Inc. For the past four years, he has worked with Barnabas International and Missions Training International in the roles of personal life coach, group facilitator, and personal de-briefer. In his free time, Dave enjoys outdoor activities with his wife and five children. Favorite adventures include bike riding, hiking, camping, and riding his motorcycle. 

    *For those of you wanting to integrate your Christian faith into your sessions, just ask Dave as this is one of his specialties!

    Contact info:  [email protected]  720-370-3010 x104