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    Every person has within them the ideal of what they believe their life could be. This speaks to an inner knowing that we all possess, a place that is constantly speaking to us, calling us to live into the fullest expression of who we really are, defined by our values and experiences and passions. When we stop listening to that place within us, when we allow it to be drowned out by the stress and demands of our world, then we tend to forget our ideal life and resign to be the person who this world demands of us.

    When we live this way, we tend to feel lost and drifting.

    I’ve personally experienced some dark years in that place, and in coming out of it I acquired a drive to see others live into their truest self, free and alive. Anxiety, broken relationships, anger, depression, fear… these things mark the life of one who has not experienced the freedom of living true to oneself.

    It’s through coming into a greater understanding of ourselves and of those closest to us that we begin down that path of living our ideal life. I see our time together as a joint effort between to work with you to work towards healing and life.

    I will help you gain a better understanding of yourself through exploring the story of your life, reflecting on themes and clarifying a common thread. We move forward with a personalized temperament assessment, which provides an invaluable framework for understanding yourself and planning out the path to growth. I tend to use Choice Theory, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, and Temperament Psychology in our work together.

    When working with families and couples, I see them as one client – or system – with much of the same goals as an individual client. The path to healing and health is marked by each person in the system gaining a better understanding of themselves and of those within the system. This allows for the couple or family to live a more full expression of themselves while supporting and encouraging the other(s) to do the same. Family and couples therapy creates relationships that are strong and life-giving which will increase your ability to communicate effectively, understand each other, and advocate for each other.

    The work of healing and the journey into the ideal life is truly exciting. There is nothing that cannot be accomplished in your life and within your relationships when you give healing and understanding the space it requires to take root in your life.

    Dave was born and raised in Texas where he spent most of his time either on a river or traveling with friends to get all they could out of the live music scene in the Hill Country.  He moved to Colorado upon graduating from Baylor University, after falling in love with the mountains during his time as a mountaineering guide around Pagosa Springs during his college summers.  Since then, he’s earned a masters degree in counseling from Denver Seminary and practices counseling as an unlicensed psychotherapist. He had the chance to be involved in relief and development work in Kenya, fell in love and got married, and had two amazing boys. His family moved from Congress Park to Castle Rock, which they now call home. 


    Contact info:   [email protected]    720-370-3010 x110