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  • Christian Counseling

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    Christian Counseling

    Is your faith an essential part of your life and you find it grounding for you? 

    Have you found yourself wanting to go to counseling but also desire to talk about your faith during that process?  

    At Authentic Connections Counseling,  we understand the importance of looking at your faith journey alongside your therapeutic process.  We specialize in integrating the Christian faith into your sessions. We have been trained in how to integrate faith while respecting wherever you are in the process. 

    Christian therapy incorporates a faith-based worldview as part of the foundation of the therapy.  It is a safe space for you to talk about and explore your spiritual life and your relationship with God.  

    Or maybe you are feeling confused by your faith tradition? You have grown up in the Christian church culture and have been disillusioned with what you have seen and experienced. Life’s challenges can often bring up many questions and issues of one’s faith. 

    We have seen, maybe buried deep down, there is still a part of you that is desiring to connect with God and to redefine what your faith means. We create intentional space for you to engage in your spiritual journey and offer space for you to allow doubt, questions, and curiosity without judgment. In fact, we welcome it as we believe exploring your spirituality can be instrumental during your counseling journey. Often we have found that doubt can lead to a stronger and more authentic faith. Many of us have had our own deconstruction and reconstruction of our faiths. We would love to travel alongside you in this way with no necessary outcome or decision. We just want to offer you a safe place to engage your faith alongside the pain of your struggle. 

     Whether you are new in your faith journey or have experienced many seasons of your faith journey, we are here to support you.