Military Families

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Support for Military Families

At Authentic Connections Counseling Center, we understand how tough it can be for families in the military. Moving to new places, trying to balance work and family, and leaving friends behind can make life really hard. We're here to help every step of the way. 

Understanding the Challenges

Being in the military comes with a lot of problems for families. Moving a lot, trying to find a balance between work and family time, and feeling sad about leaving friends behind can make people feel stressed and sad. These feelings are heightened for military families who have to face these experiences head on with little say about how or when it happens.

How We Help

At Authentic Connections Counseling Center, we have therapists who know what it's like to be in the military or be married to someone in the military. We recognize the hardship, duty, and meaning of your experiences, which gives us a unique understanding of what exactly military family members need.

Our Services

Adjusting to new places: We help families learn how to adjust to moving to new towns. We alsohelp kids with changing schools and making new friends.

Managing Mental HealthOur experienced therapists take on the important job of educating families about the harmful effects of long-lasting high-functioning anxiety and depression. Working together, we provide families with essential strategies to deal with stress in a strong way, reducing the need for relying on medication or caffeine to cope.

Identity WorkFor service members who are going through the process of leaving the military, we provide a safe space for them to think deeply and learn more about themselves through identity therapy. Our caring support helps them discover who they are beyond just being in the military. At the same time, we help them be there for their families and loved ones as they go through this transition. 

Grief and Loss Counseling: We understand how deeply saying goodbye to beloved communities affects families each time they move, and we're dedicated to giving them constant support through the difficult journey of grief and loss. Our caring therapists give families important information about grieving, offering comfort and empathy as they go through the complex stages of mourning. 

Post-Therapy Benefits

After working with us, military families can expect:

● Feeling better about themselves outside of being in the military: You'll start feeling more confident and happier about who you are, even if you're not in the military anymore. You'll realize that you're more than just your job, and that's a pretty great feeling.

● Getting better at talking and preparing for big changes: You'll become better at talking to each other as a family, which helps a lot when you have to deal with big changes, like moving to a new place or adjusting to life after leaving the military. You'll feel more ready to face whatever comes your way.

● Feeling closer and more supportive of each other: Through our sessions, you'll growcloser as a family. You'll learn to support each other more, which makes tough timeseasier to handle. Knowing that your family has your back can make a big difference.

● Understanding and dealing with feeling sad about leaving their old homes and friends: It's normal to feel sad about leaving behind your old home and friends, but we'll help you understand those feelings and find ways to cope with them. You'll learn how to remember the good times while also feeling excited about new adventures ahead.

Here at Authentic Connections Castle Rock, we are steadfast in our commitment to empowering military families to navigate the labyrinth of challenges with resilience, fortitude, and unwavering support. Contact us today at 720-370-3010 to embark on a transformative journey towards holistic well-being and flourishing familial dynamics.