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Depression in Teenagers

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You may have noticed your teen crying more often and isolating themselves from friends and family. You may have heard them slip out a remark that shows their negative and critical self-talk. Maybe they’re saying things like “What’s the point?” or “I just don’t care!” or “I’m so stupid!”

Is your teen showing signs of feeling empty, numb, and exhausted? Do you notice they are overwhelmed with trying to stay on-task with school, activities, and friends while managing their roller coaster of moods?

Authentic Connections Counseling therapists help your teen express difficult feelings and learn the skills necessary to feel happy and make healthy choices. The overwhelming feelings of depression don’t have to last forever. Your teen doesn’t have to go through life feeling lonely and misunderstood. We are here to help.

Anxiety in Teens

When teens have anxiety, it can show up differently than in adults. You may see them spend endless hours on homework until it is perfect. They may procrastinate for days to calm their fears of not being “enough.” Oftentimes, the “what if” thoughts are continually on their minds. Do you see your teen avoiding situations that are difficult or uncomfortable, yet you also see them feel lonely and left out? Are they struggling with their confidence? Or, maybe they haven’t shared any of this with you and say everything is “fine,” but in your gut, you know it’s not “fine.”

Our skilled teen therapists in Castle Rock are here to listen and understand your teen’s anxiety. They want to help your teen overcome anxious thoughts and learn the skills to face their fears. Most importantly, our teen therapists want to help your child live more confidently and free from anxiety.

Trauma Counseling for Teens

When your teen has experienced trauma, you may notice them experiencing intense anxiety and/or emotional numbness. These feelings can get in their way of living life as they had been before. There is a high chance they are experiencing nightmares and flashbacks. And, they may even be having trouble focusing.

Our trauma therapists are equipped to help your teen learn practical tools to manage the emotions that come from a traumatic event. We want them to feel safe in their everyday lives, just as you do. The counselors at Authentic Connections will help your teen express their emotions in healthy ways and approach life with confidence. One method that we see as helpful in helping for treating trauma is Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing (EMDR) therapy. We have trained EMDR therapists on our team that has used this with teens in the past. In fact, they have seen it to be very effective in helping teens recover from traumatic events.

Other Issues Addressed in Teen Counseling

The teenage years are a period of dramatic change and transition. Often, adolescents encounter issues navigating these changes due to increased independence and shifting relationships. Some examples of other issues that may arise are:

  • Mood swings
  • Screen addiction
  • Gender and sexuality questions/concerns
  • Social isolation or withdraw
  • Eating disorders
  • Suicidal thoughts or attempts
  • Relationship issues
  • Bullying
  • Self-harming
  • Struggles with identity and self-esteem
  • Issues with school
  • Adjustment issues
  • Family Struggles

As a parent of a teen, you have loved your child and poured your heart, soul, and energy into raising them. When your teen child struggles, you lose sleep because they are constantly on your mind. You feel that you have tried everything to get through to them… WE SEE YOU. Our counseling center is here to support you while your child is in teen counseling sessions.

Teen Counseling in Castle Rock, CO

At our counseling practice located in south Denver, we offer a safe, non-judgmental space for teens to process their thoughts, feelings, and experiences. Sometimes, the counseling office can be thought of as intimidating, uncomfortable, or even boring.

Image of a teenage boy sitting on a couch and talking to an adult. This photo is representative of the need teens often have for teen counseling in Castle Rock, CO. 80104 | 80108 | 80109Here at Authentic Connections Counseling, we offer something different. Our teen therapists love to connect with adolescents in our comfortable, cute, homey atmosphere. They can even enjoy tea and flavored water with spa music playing in the background. We also can incorporate a variety of creative therapies into sessions to help make the process more comfortable. Past clients have used outlets such as art, music, or trail therapy in their therapy sessions.

With teens, we often focus on identity exploration, creating healthy boundaries, and meeting them where they are in the process of growth and independence. But, as with all our clients, we strive to meet the unique needs of every client and foster personal and meaningful change.

A Note for Teens

We get it. Mom and Dad are making you come to counseling. Maybe you’re unsure if you even want to go. Perhaps, you are nervous to talk to an adult who doesn’t even know you. We understand the uncomfortable situation you find yourself in. But, our teen therapists really love working with teenagers. They get super passionate about helping you face your fears and conquer anxiety. Plus, they can teach you skills that will boost your confidence and strength.

Truly, they want to help you feel better so you can stop missing out on school, friends, and fun (well maybe not so much about school right? LOL). Our counselors want to help you feel more whole, connected, and valued. Check out our office pics here if that would help you know what to expect. Here’s a fun fact: we love doing sessions on a trail! So, if walking and talking is your thing… trail therapy might be the perfect fit for you. We are excited to meet you!

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A Note for Parents

The age of consent for medical, and therefore mental health treatment, is for anyone 15 years old and above in Colorado. So, what does this mean? It means that from age 15 and up, your teen can sign all the paperwork for themselves. And, it means that the therapist is not allowed to talk to you until he/she gets a release form signed by your teen.

Of course, this may sound hard when you care and love your son/daughter so much and want to be more involved. We get it. However, we want you to know that we will try to involve you in the counseling process as much as we can. Our hope is for family unification and communication. However, we will be working with your teen to figure out how to best do that in order for them to feel safe and connected to their therapist. Perhaps, that looks like inviting you as into a session every 4-6 weeks to process what is going on. Some of our teen counseling clients like to have their parent come in for the last 10 minutes of sessions so you can get an update. Others may take a little longer to warm up to this process. We are comfortable adapting to whatever your family needs.

Ultimately, the teen is in charge of what the therapist can share with parents. Please know that you are more than welcome to give us any information you feel is necessary on the phone or in-person session before we start meeting with your teenager.

Get Started with Teen Counseling in Castle Rock, CO

Adolescence is a challenging time for nearly all teens. Working with a teen therapist at our counseling center in Castle Rock, CO can give them the support they need while navigating newfound independence and parts of their identity. And, our services are accessible using online therapy in Colorado. To begin teen counseling, follow the steps below:

  1. Contact our counseling office by calling (720) 370-3010 x100.
  2. Chat with our Intake Coordinator about scheduling an appointment.
  3. Watch your teen become more connected to their true selves, allowing relationships to flourish.

Other Services at Authentic Connections Counseling Center

The therapists at our Castle Rock-based counseling office want to help your teen learn and grow. However, we also have services for adults, too! Any of our counseling services can be accessed throughout the state using online therapy in Colorado. If you and your partner are looking to freshen up your relationship, check out marriage counseling. Perhaps as your teen moves through adolescence, you notice your anxiety or depression increasing. Our counselors would be happy to provide you services for these needs.