Therapy Outside

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What is Trail Therapy?

Trail therapy is Authentic Connections Counseling Center’s way of taking therapy outside! It is a unique form of therapy that combines traditional psychotherapy with the physical exercise of walking. This form of therapy combines walking and counseling to strengthen the connection between the mind and the body.

The emphasis in Trail Therapy is on the therapy, as walking would be the secondary benefit. This is not going to be a strenuous workout or any sort of personal training. You will meet your therapist at an agreed upon trailhead or walking path and you get to set the pace for the walk or hike.

*The location of our office is conveniently near Plum Creek Trail (Festival Park entryway/trailhead) and also The Rock in Castle Rock, Colorado.

What are the benefits of trail therapy?

  • Unplugging from your daily demands in a natural setting can boost clarity and positivity
  • Practicing mindfulness by getting in tune with your physical body, thoughts and feelings
  • Being in the outdoors can be inspiring and calming
  • Increasing endorphins while getting your body moving
  • Enjoying the literal and figurative change of pace and perspective, especially when you feel “stuck” with something in your life.
  • Walking is a form of bi-lateral stimulation (stimulating both sides of the brain) which promotes increased mental and emotional health
  • Exercise (in this case walking/hiking) can reduce tension and stress, improve mood, boost self-esteem, improve sleep, increase energy
  • For moms with new babies, it could be a convenient time saver as you may bring the baby along in a stroller and gets your post-partum body moving
  • Some people find being out of the office setting more comfortable and less intimidating

How to take a Mindful Walk or Hike

Want a download on how to take a mindful hike or walk? Download here.