Spiritual Reflections for the New Year

With a new year upon us, it is a great time for new beginnings. We can start over. We can reflect and set intentions for the new year. In case you want some new ways to integrate into your traditions or try something completely new… I would like to throw out a challenge to look at some deeper and more spiritual “resolutions” this year. In the past year, we were all thrown into the unknown, chaos, overwhelm, and out of control to say the least. What if this year, we could become more grounded no matter what life throws at us? What if we could have more peace and purpose this year in the midst of the mundane and even the chaos?


Let's take a look at spirituality. When looking up several definitions this is what I found and reworded with my understanding: 


Spirituality is the nature of being concerned with the human spirit or soul as opposed to material or physical things. The shifting of priorities from physical parts  of life (and things not in our control) to deep feelings and beliefs which usually involve a sense of peace and purpose. 


Doesn’t that sound better then the roller coaster of 2020? What are some ways to intentionally set our minds towards a more spiritual new year?


Here is one way to get started: 


  1. Get Quiet.  Settle in with some deep breathing. Or play your favorite instrumentals to calm your spirit. Or get outside on one of our many trails. Or slowly and mindfully drink your favorite cup of tea.


  1. Reflect… what is coming up for you (thoughts, feelings, body sensations)? What was last year like? What was good? What was hard? What do you envision for the future? What are your hopes? This is also a good time to invite God into this and seek what he is saying.


  1. Be Discerning: What aligns with some of your true values? What needs to change? What can stay?  Where do you feel most peace? Follow it the peace.


  1. Symbol: What represents a new beginning for you this year? A rock? A picture? An animal? Intentionally get something that symbolizes your intentions for the new year and make a statement of this while holding your symbol. Feel free to take some time on this if this doesn’t come to you right away. Here are some statements to get you thinking….


I will live in the present moment and not be consumed with the past or future

I will cultivate relationships that bring me joy

I will seek spiritual mentors and practice seeing things sacred all around me

I will cultivate conversations that matter and connect with my soul

I will give up perfection and embrace all of me - even the shadow side

I will cultivate listening with a curious and deeper awareness

I will practice kindness, whether in action or in words of encouragement


Wishing you a 2021 of renewal and hope! If you would like to discuss this more and are looking for a spiritual director, check out our website, there are 4 therapists who actually specialize in spiritual direction.