Three Benefits of Getting Outside

If you were to search the internet for reasons why being outside is so beneficial you’ll come across pages of articles and blog posts. It’s no secret there are many positive aspects of the outdoors, but what specifically are they?

Getting outdoors impacts anxiety and mood. Research shows that being outside lowers your stress-related hormones- cortisol and adrenaline. In addition, studies have shown that anger and depression are also notably lower after spending time outside. So, being outdoors naturally boosts your happiness!

Getting outdoors helps improve focus and increase feelings of calmness. Being outdoors gives our brains a mental break from the world we live in. Our brains are “on” majority of the day, even when we do not realize it. Whether it’s from staring at screens, concentrating on a particular task or having a conversation with someone our brains are working. Research shows this even reduces symptoms of ADHD! By spending time in nature we are letting our brains relax.

Lastly, getting outdoors helps our bodies to heal. When we are injured or have undergone a trauma in our bodies- such as surgery- we are usually more stressed than normal. When our bodies are stressed they do not function at the normal capacity they are capable of. If our bodies are not at full capacity it will take longer for our bodies to heal. However, research shows patients who spent time outside required less painkillers during recovery, had shorter hospital stays, and fewer complications!

Thankfully, summer has arrived and Colorado is expected to have warm weather for the next few months! So, get outside and experience these benefits and more for yourself!

If you’re interested in trail therapy and taking your sessions outside, let your therapist know! Or, if you are wanting to start therapy, but prefer to enjoy the outdoors while you’re talking with your therapist reach out today and let us know. Therapy outside is available for anyone, at anytime!