Top Reasons our Clients are Loving Online Therapy

COVID-19 has pretty much put our country and our usual day-to-day activities at a stand-still. We have had to adapt to working out of our homes, in the hopes that we can still continue some sort of normalcy. Therapy is no different. While we have had to learn to adapt to the situation instead of ignoring what we need to do. COVID-19 isn’t the only reason that online-therapy, or telehealth, is useful for clients. Some clients are not able to get away from work due to a project that is due right away. Some may not have child-care or they themselves are sick. Whatever the case may be, our clients here at Authentic Connections Counseling Center are loving the idea of online-therapy. And here are just a few of the reasons why!

Adaptability--during the COVID-19 pandemic, we had to learn pretty quick how to adapt to the “new normal”, learning how to keep our clients and their families safe during this time, all the while, being sure that our clients could continue their therapeutic journey.

Flexibility and convenience--As mentioned before, things come up! Whether it be a last minute work project, a sick child, or anything else that life may throw at you, online therapy sessions are great because they can work around YOUR schedule. You are able to schedule your session at YOUR convenience.

Reality of mental health struggles--Let’s face it, sometimes life is so overwhelming that you just can’t bear to leave the comfort of your own home. It happens! But no need to feel bogged down or overwhelmed by it. Telehealth is so convenient, that even on those days, you can still have your one-on-one time with your therapist.

Childcare--Let’s say you and your spouse need, and want to, work on your marriage but the cost of childcare is out of the roof! Telehealth is great for those times! No need to worry about lining up a sitter or having to pay someone. Right from the comfort of your own home, you can schedule your session and do online marriage therapy sessions, on your own couch! Just make sure your kiddos are in a different room with something to keep them preoccupied (e.g. movie and snacks) so you and your partner can have privacy to talk to your therapist.

Comfortability--PJ’s...need I say more?!

HIPAA-Compliant--We use a HIPAA-Compliant platform and private room for your session so there is no worry about your privacy. But what about your own home? A few suggestions would be to use a white noise app and leave your phone by your door so that you are not heard, go for a walk, sit in your car, use headphones or even simply sitting in your bedroom or bathroom with a closed door works great, too!


  • We serve the whole state of Colorado!--Whether you are in our hometown of Castle Rock or in the nearby towns of Castle Pines, Larkspur, Highlands Ranch, Lone Tree, Monument or Parker we are able to meet with you now without having to jump on I-25 or C-470! And if you live in, or are just visiting, one of our amazing mountain towns of Breckenridge, Telluride, Ouray, Durango, Glenwood Springs to name just a few…we are still able to meet with you.


 Online therapy, or telehealth, is a very accommodating form of therapy. Life can throw you a curveball! It happens! But we are still able to help you through those times, and are still there for you and with you, every step of the way!