Does Play Therapy Help?

As kids are navigating the complexities of this world, a lot of times they have big feelings, but do not know how to identify them or express them in a healthy way.  They do not always have the vocabulary or understanding of what is going on to communicate well. Sometimes, when they are trying to express themselves they can become even more frustrated and overwhelmed. This is where Play Therapy comes in. Play Therapy gives children the opportunity to express themselves when words- or lack thereof- fail them.

Most recently, there have been two main issues that have become increasingly prevalent- anxiety and relationship problems.

Anxiety can be extremely hard for kiddos due to the complexity of this emotion. It is common for anxiety to increase from the inability to name it and ask for help. Majority of the time, parents, teachers, friends, and family will notice the symptoms, but not always be able to identify the problem.

Relationship problems can be a little more tricky to identify as the root issue for a child’s behavior and mood issues. Sometimes, a traumatic event or situation has occurred, while other times, unless your child is sharing with you, you might no be able to identify the catalyst. Navigating parent’s divorce, increased fighting between parents, bullying at school, or struggling to be friends with classmates are just a few examples of relationship issues kids face. 

Fortunately, parents are really trying to understand and support their kids the best they can, but often times are feeling stuck or uncertain about how to help. These feelings can increase the frustration in parents which increases the anxiety, frustration or feelings of failure in their child.

Thankfully, parents can utilize Play Therapy as a resource to help and support their child. However, it is important to understand that play therapy is a process, just like every other therapy modality, and kids do not automatically feel better or change overnight. It will take time, but consistency is key!

If you’re interested in getting your child connected with a therapist who utilizes play therapy please reach out! We have an awesome team of therapists who work with children and would love to support you and your kiddo.