Why Not Group Therapy?

Did you know that we are tribal animals? Did you also know that we were created for connection? Group Therapy brings both of these together in a perfect combination- you are able to connect with others and be apart of a “tribe”. It is an opportunity to be seen, heard, deeply felt and understood. More importantly, you have the chance to experience the healing of true intimacy. Discovering that you are not alone in your struggles reduces isolation, shame and creates space for self exploration.

Research shows Group Therapy is often more effective than individual therapy. Imagine experiencing emotional, psychological, physical and relational safety with others. That is one of the most crucial aspects of Group Therapy. It creates a safe place for you to explore yourself with caring others. It is a place where you can learn about yourself, gain new perspectives and insight, relational awareness and skills while supporting others in the same process.

Another aspect Group Therapy participants experience is unprecedented levels of empowerment. They gain awareness, new tools and confidence in navigating the challenges of their lives and relationships.

Group Therapy can also be fun! As you share your journey with others you can learn to laugh at our shared humanity. That is one of the most connecting and humbling parts of this process. Group Therapy allows you to see you are not alone.  Sharing experiences creates closeness by showing how similar we all are- we’re all doing the best we can. Group Therapy normalizes our struggles by lowering barriers which allows connection and undoes aloneness.

Lastly, it’s a very cost effective way to get support and help with whatever challenges you are facing today. Group Therapy is significantly cheaper than individual counseling. Even though you are not getting that one-on-one time, you are still able to experience consistent care and help.

So the only question left to ask is what are you waiting for? We have multiple groups coming up and now is the time to get signed up! Reach out today to learn more!