Group Therapy: Current Groups at Authentic Connections Counseling Center

Group Therapy is beneficial for so many reasons. Please check out our Group Therapy page or the blog post “Why Not Group Therapy?” to learn more!

Currently, we have three groups starting this month-

-Men’s Interpersonal Process Group

-Teen Skills Group

-Interpersonal Process Group for Therapists

Men’s Group-

Weekly men’s group to examine and get support for your current challenge, get accountability for your actions, explore your masculinity and how to be the man you want to be.

Teen’s Group-

Weekly teen’s group to explore the effects of anxiety and depression on your daily life, and apply practical tools to find relief.

This is for teen girls (13-17) who struggle to engage and connect, who experience social anxiety, who feel unsure about themselves, and who feel powerless to overcome struggles they are facing. This group will provide a supportive environment where we will practice and refine skills being taught to increase effectiveness, confidence and connection with yourself and peers.

Interpersonal Process Group for Therapists-

Therapists are experiencing burnout at high rates. We hold sacred space for others and it is time to give yourself that same space to work on you. Come gift yourself with a group of therapists to support, encourage, challenge and inspire you!

This group of therapists will provide you the opportunity to:

-Experience the nurturing and healing that true intimacy provides

-A safe place for self-exploration and improved self-awareness

-Explore multiple transferences

-Work on current life challenges and relationships

-Access your vulnerability

-Deepen your capacity for intimacy with others

-Experience camaraderie and reduce isolation

-Learn to work in the present moment

Fortunately, there are more groups coming in the near future. Be on the look out as we add a postpartum group and young adults group over the next few months!

If you do not get a chance to snag a spot in one of these groups and are waitlisted thankfully, most of our groups are recurring so you will get another opportunity! However, if you are needing support now, please do not hesitate to reach out and schedule sessions with one of our therapists. We have an awesome team that wants to meet you where you’re at and walk alongside you, whether that is couples, family or individual therapy.

We are SO excited to be offering group therapy and are looking forward to connecting with you soon!