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  • Jessie Dyrud, MA, LCSW

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    Jessie Dyrud, LCSW

    Areas of Expertise:

    Have you observed your child or teenager reaching a point of frustration that leads to an emotional outburst? Alternatively, perhaps your child tends to withdraw inwardly when facing challenges. In such moments, as a parent, you may feel a deep desire to connect with your child and comprehend the complexities of their inner world.

    I specialize in raising awareness among parents, guiding them to understand their child’s thoughts and emotions during these challenging moments. I find fulfillment in imparting emotion regulation skills that benefit the entire family, fostering a more balanced environment.

    I firmly believe that parents play a crucial role in shaping a child’s experiences. In my work with families, I emphasize the importance of acknowledging and appreciating each other’s perspectives, facilitating open communication to restore connections within the family unit.

    Working with children and teenagers as a therapist has been a profound privilege. I employ a diverse range of interventions, including art, humor, and games, to enhance coping mechanisms and bolster resilience. My aim is to instill hope and help them gain a deeper understanding of their internal struggles, empowering them to make healthier choices.

    While my primary focus is on younger individuals, I also work with adults, aiding them in restoring balance and finding a sense of triumph in the face of adversity. I provide a supportive space for individuals to navigate challenging circumstances that often extend beyond their control. Together, we strive for understanding, self-compassion, and the development of healthier coping skills, ultimately promoting a more balanced and grounded life.

    In the therapeutic process, I find immense fulfillment in guiding individuals through the intricate interplay of their thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. Understanding the profound connection between these elements can be a powerful catalyst for personal growth. 

    I strive to assist individuals in reclaiming hope and restoring balance in their lives. Through fostering empathy and compassion, I aim to empower people to navigate the challenges they face, facilitating a profound sense of resilience and renewed optimism. In essence, therapy becomes a collaborative journey where individuals can explore the depth of their emotions, challenge ingrained narratives, and ultimately cultivate a more authentic and harmonious life.

    To book your first appointment with Jessie, please contact our intake coordinator at 720-370-3010  as our therapists are in sessions during the day and often cannot get back to you in a timely manner. 

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