Jessie Dyrud, MA, LCSW

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Jessie is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker

Her Areas of Expertise:

Do you find yourself witnessing your child or teenager experiencing moments of frustration leading to emotional outbursts? Alternatively, perhaps your child tends to withdraw inwardly when confronted with challenges. As a parent, you may deeply desire to bridge the gap and comprehend the complexities of your child's inner world during these trying times.

Specializing in raising awareness among parents, I guide them to understand their child’s thoughts and emotions in these challenging moments. I find fulfillment in imparting emotion regulation skills that benefit the entire family, fostering a more balanced environment.

I firmly believe that parents play a pivotal role in shaping their child’s experiences. In my work with families, I emphasize the importance of acknowledging and appreciating each other’s perspectives, fostering open communication to restore connections within the family unit.

Having the privilege of working with children and teenagers as a therapist, I utilize diverse interventions, including art, humor, and games, to enhance coping mechanisms and bolster resilience. My goal is to instill hope and deepen their understanding of internal struggles, empowering them to make healthier choices. Additionally, I extend my services to adults, pregnant and postpartum moms, aiding them in restoring balance and finding triumph amidst life struggles. Together, we strive for understanding, self-compassion, and the development of healthier coping skills, ultimately promoting a more balanced and grounded life.

My mission is to assist individuals in reclaiming hope and restoring balance, fostering a sense of resilience and renewed optimism. Therapy becomes a collaborative journey where individuals explore emotions, challenge narratives, and cultivate authenticity and harmony in their lives.

To book your first appointment with Jessie, please contact our intake coordinator at 720-370-3010  as our therapists are in sessions during the day and often cannot get back to you in a timely manner. 


Office:  720-796-4238 

Rate: $145/50 minute session